CANARE offers beam quality analysis
with user friendly software at affordable price.
Use it easily!
  • Customization
    ?Available for customized request
    ?In-house developed software
  • High operability
  • High functionality
    ?3D View
    ?M2 measurement
    ?Multi-plot function
  • Low price
  • M² beam quality analysis
    ISO 11146 compliance can be judged with one click.

  • Comparison of analysis results
    Intensity distribution and beam diameters can be compared on software.

  • Camera
    Image sensor is at a depth of only 5mm from the surface.
    Available for short focal length beams

  • Dimensions (mm): 46 x 40 x 18
Measurement (software)
2D/3D View (intensity profile)
1D Cross sectional view X/Y-cut, Radial-cut
Beam diameter calculations D4σ (1D/2D)、Gauss-fit (1D/2D)
Power ratio calculations Arbitarary threshold power, Arbitarary beam diameter
Point-to-point distance On 1D cross sectional view and 2D view
Beam stability Centroid position
Beam propagation parameter calculations M2 value, Divergence angle, Beam waist diameter, Rayleigh length
  • Specifications
    Operation modes CW
    Spectral range 400 - 1150nm
    Beam diameter 53µm - 4mm
    Resolution 5.3µm
    Interface USB2.0
    OS Windows 7/10 (32/64bit)
Industrial Laser Analysis
Medical Laser Analysis
M2 Measurement & Analysis